nova llei arrendaments lloguer immobiliaria espigul
These months we have been pending the approval of the new lease law proposed by the new Government. This new law meant important changes, especially in the duration of the lease agreements and the modification of the bonds.

Finally, the decree of reform of the rent is rejected by the congress of deputies and therefore the current state of the rents can be summarized in three points:

  1. It returns to the rents of 3 years with the possibility of extensions of one year.
  2. The leased must return to pay the fees to the Generalitat and assume the management fees.
  3. The amount of bail and other guarantees is again liberalized.

Whether you are an owner and you have a home to rent, as if you are a landlord and you are looking for your new home, from Espígul Real Estate we can advise you on the entire rental process to be successful and satisfactory for both parties.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you more information about the current status of the rental and tips to follow the best lease procedure.

You can also consult previous posts like “The rent, rights and obligations to take into account” where we give you some tips before renting a home.

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