Immobiliaria espigul premium real estate

Espígul Real Estate opens the doors to a new real estate concept: Espígul Premium Real Estate. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we focus on:

  • The promotion of high quality properties
  • Construction of flats and houses with fantastic finishes
  • Sale of exclusive properties

In Espígul Premium Real Estate you can find exclusive properties in the most privileged areas of Catalonia, both new and second hand, in urban or rural environments, in the mountains or on the beach, in the bustle of the city or in tranquility of a golf course.

We offer a personalized real estate service for those who want to buy or sell their apartment or exclusive house.

We currently have premium properties available in four highlighted areas:

Oferim a atencio immobiliària personalitzada per aquells that vulguin buy or sell the seu apartament or exclusive house.

  • Girona (province and capital).
  • Costa Brava and Empordà, with unbeatable views.
  • PGA Golf, with terraced houses, plots, isolated houses, mated villas and apartments in a luxurious environment.
  • Barcelona

To sell

If you are the owner of an exclusive apartment, a unique apartment, a house with level finishes or a plot with luxurious views, Espígul Premium Real Estate can help you sell your property. We offer a personalized real estate service so that the sale of your exclusive property is an easy, comfortable and pleasant process.

At Espígul Premium Real Estate we accompany you in the purchase or sale of your exclusive property.

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