Marie Kondo is an artist recognized as “the guru of order” thanks to her published books about the organization of the house. Currently, the “KONMARI” method is having an international revolution through its series on Netflix “To order with Marie Kondo!”.

Do you have a hard time throwing things? From Espígul we leave you some principles that Marie Kondo proposes as basic rules to order the house:

  1. Commit to the order: you have to consult, if the next week, you return to the same routine, we will not get it. Therefore, the awareness that is needed is an order at home.
  2. Imagine the lifestyle: Marie Kondo invites us to visualize the lifestyle we would like to have after cleaning the house. You have to visualize the order.
  3. Throw away what is not needed: Do not you think about the unnecessary objects that end up accompanying us for a long time and are not used? It’s time to say goodbye!
  4. Sort by category: think globally. It is a mistake to start with a room, you have to start with the objects that are in the middle and go order them by categories. Actually, in this way we will know what we need and what we do not.
  5. Follow a correct order: according to the KONMARI method, the correct order to start ordering is: clothes, books, papers and finally, the “komono” (varied and scattered objects that end up causing the disorder).
  6. Ask yourself if the object makes you happy: question whether the object we have really brings us happiness. If not, we already know what to do!

How we can see, having the house tidy is more than just a reason for aesthetics. As Marie Kondo says, order influences both physical and emotional well-being. So, ordering the house is a first step to start a different life.




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