Pets are another member of our families and more and more people live in a rental property and have pets. We give you a few tips related to rent for pets:

  • Mainly, there are ads where search engines give the possibility of looking for houses that do accept pets. In the case of not putting it, you always have to communicate to the owner or the Real Estate.


  • One of the options to rent and accept pets is to double the bond in case there is any problem, since at the time of returning the house must be left in the same state that we have received.


  • Another option is for the tenant to hire a pet insurance that, in addition to covering the animal’s health care, also responds for property damage or third parties that it causes.


  • On the other hand, if you want to facilitate the clause of renting a flat where pets are accepted, it is advisable to attach photographs of previous houses and show the owner that you are good tenants.

A Espígul Real Estate we work to offer the best service both by tenants and tenants getting the perfect alliance between them. Come and find out!

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