During 2018 the sale of real estate has increased thanks to tourists. According to the figures of the College of Registrars, the sale of housing by foreigners has been 13.11%, but … Where do you buy these homes? Which country do they come from?

The report’s data show that the autonomous communities where foreigners are most buying are in the Balearic Islands with 31.72% and the Canary Islands, with 29.62%, followed by the Valencian Community, Murcia, Andalusia and Catalonia. Usually in coastal zones and the reasons for the purchase are mainly given by the weather or by tourist.

The profiles of foreigners who buy housing are usually married to children and are more than 50 years old. Retired, pensioners and / or officials.

Which countries are buyers coming from?

Most foreigners who buy more housing in Spain are the British with 15.5% and the autonomous communities where they buy the most are: Andalusia, Murcia and the Valencian Community.

Second, the Germans are 7.5% who spend their purchases in the Balearic Islands, mainly in Mallorca.

And finally, they are followed by the French with 7.4% especially for Catalonia.

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