We all like to have our home determined to the new decorative tendencies. But, the fact that these are changing every season, sometimes it makes it difficult for us. In the art of interior design there are indispensable rules to never fail. From Espígul we left you a few tips:
  • Be faithful to your style:

Mostly, you have to rely on your style. The house has to capture your personality.

  • Always neutral:

One of the most important details when decorating the property is color. The finishes in white or pastel colors and / or natural wood elements fit perfectly in any style of design, whether traditional or contemporary.

  • The accessories:

In the home the complements also have to be renewed according to the time of year, such as clothing accessories. In the spring you can buy cool fabrics and with vivid colors and in the fall incorporate blankets and candles.

  • Minimalism:

Do not forget the norm of more is less. It is preferable to have a few furniture and accessories that are a private room of things, since they give more sensation of space and serenity.

  • Truth:

The virtues of housing must be enhanced, for example: if you have a view of the sea, if you have a terrace, a fireplace, etc. Do not cover it, show it.


At Espígul we have decorators and interior designers who once renovated or built a house decorate it according to the client’s guidelines and the latest trends.

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