The use of sensory marketing is a technique that many companies use to acquire an emotional bond between the company and the consumer. In this post of Espígul we talk about the importance of the power of sensory marketing.
  • The view is one of the most important senses, since it is the first with which we perceive what is before us and makes us react more quickly. In the case of real estate, it is essential to give a good image of the house, as this will make a good impression on the future buyer or tenant.
  • Smell is a sense that although we do not think about it, it must be taken into account in a real estate. The houses must be ventilated, since it is very likely that they smell damp, closed or included in pipes, and achieve a more pleasant space with fresh aromas and air fresheners.
  • The auditory sense can harm us in a buying process. At the time of renting or buying a house, tranquility and silence, it is important if when you are making a visit, neighbors call or you hear noise in the area can be a reason to back out.
  • Touch is one of the closest senses, since it allows a direct contact with the home and perceive the materials from which it is made. Who has not tapped the wall to see if it is thick or thin?
  • And finally the taste, that does not see things with good eyes with a good coffee, an infusion or a glass of champagne to celebrate the account of a new house?

At Espígul Real Estate we use the five senses to create sensations and make our clients feel comfortable in all aspects when buying a home.

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