An appraisal is an assessment of a property with the objective of securing a mortgage loan or guaranteeing an operation. Currently, for the purchase or sale of a home, it is very common to request an appraisal.

What is an appraiser setting?

  • State: The first that an appraiser performs is the inspection of the property. Look at the state of the building both exterior and interior and if the building has passed the technical inspections of the building (ITE).
  • Location: The location of the building is very important, a good area will increase the possibilities of selling the house.
  • Views and lighting: The valuation increases more if the house has good views or good lighting than one that has natural light few hours a day.
  • Surface: The fact of having more or less square meters is another factor. In addition, if the property is renovated or not, as is the distribution of the house and how it is organized.
  • Other: There are other details that also make the house have a higher appraisal such as having an exit to the outside, armored windows, garden, elevator in the assumption that it is a flat, etc.

At Espígul we offer all the necessary services when buying or selling a property, from the appraisal, until the delivery of the house to its future owner. If you have any questions, you just have to contact us.

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