During the summer holidays the only thing that should worry us is not to burn our backs too much with the sun and not to be aware of the risk of intrusion into our home. Therefore, Espígul offers advice to insure and protect your home from unwanted individuals.


Hiding house keys in “hidden” places like pots, tiles or the mailbox can be a salvation in a minority of cases where we have left the keys inside or have lost them, but it is also an easy way for thieves to access your home without any complications, since these places are where they first look for the way to enter.

Choose locks for external doors that are difficult to open, such as independent cylinders, in order to offer more resistance when it comes to violating the door or lock.

Secure the door anchors, which are sturdy and firm, a weak door can make thieves have priority in invading your space.

It is important to leave some blinds raised so that it does not give the feeling of closure and that people do not live inside.

We recommend that the mailbox is not full, since it denotes that there has been no one for a long time.

Finally, it is not superfluous to leave a copy of the keys to the neighbors so they can take a look from time to time to see that everything is in order.

At Espígul we worry about building safe houses and we insist that it is vital that you follow the recommendations of the security bodies in order to protect your home.

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