It is increasingly difficult to sell a second-hand home. Without Espígul we give you 5 keys to leave the property attractive and in good condition for the next buyers.

Order and cleaning: The first point that catches the attention of the buyer is that the property is clean and well cared for. Many of the homes that are put up for sale are left untidy and without proper cleaning and that will always hurt us when looking for a buyer.

Repair defects: The buyers do not want a house with damages, therefore a house that has no problem before will be purchased. We recommend that if there are small defects that must be repaired, fix them before putting them on sale.

Space and luminosity: When it comes to looking at a home, light and space are important factors. A well-lit and spacious space is the key to being august. Natural light, generally, is what people look for, as it gives a sense of spaciousness and more open space.

Highlight favorable points: Choose the spaces of the house that you like and empower them to give more importance and get the next buyers are fixed.

Remove personal items: keep or throw away personal items buyers do not like to see objects that remind them of former owners.

These 5 tips will be useful to sell your home more easily and remember not only the sight is important, but also the smell. If possible use an aromatic candle or ventilate the property before potential buyers come.

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