You do not like that corner of the house, or it has been outdated the room where you now only store the devices but you could give it another use, or you have a leak of water in the sink and you have to change it completely . Whatever reform is, here are some tips to do it in the best way …

  • What do you need to do? You have to have your needs clear and what suits you best. It is a structural reform (to expand or reduce spaces by pulling or mounting walls), a simple decoration (no special permits are required and it is more a question of design) or a comprehensive reform (it is how to rebuild the space from the beginning and change it completely)?
  • Help coexist with neighbors. Condition the community spaces in order to try to cause the least discomfort in the community and facilitate your contact with the neighbors in case problems arise during the reform.
  • How much do you want to spend? When reforms have to be done, it is indisputable that the price is a very important factor when drawing materials, professionals and designing space. It is convenient to have an idea of ​​what maximum amount of money we want to pay for the reform and leave it half closed before beginning, in order to avoid paying more than we thought.
  • Trust who you hire. The results that can be given to you by not sufficiently qualified workers may not be the results that you expected. With the hiring of professional workers you have more guarantees and assurances that the work goes out as you expected.

Espígulo encourages you to gradually reform your houses in order to leave them as you like. Making a change can be what you were looking for to give new ones to your home.

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