Are you in a rental apartment and have doubts about whether the owner or you are responsible for paying for repairs? We give you a guide to know the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant.

The obligations of the landlord are to maintain in good condition all the necessary elements to have the house in good conditions to live.
This means:
The damages that are in the property and prevent the use of being able to live as the structure of the house would be: cracks, dampness, subsidence of the ground, etc.
All kinds of water leaks, either by capillary moisture, for water filtration, by condensation or by accident.
Essential repairs that enter into the contract: appliances, power grid, pipes, air conditioning systems …
Renewal and replacement, where appropriate, of the water and sewer lines.
Any work necessary to prevent collateral damage, such as: raised or sunken floors, chipped walls, etc.

The tenant should repair other elements or minor damages such as paint, light bulbs, plugs, etc. In general, all those that do not exceed 150 euros are included in these repairs. If it is the case that the tenant has to bear the cost of any repair that is higher than 150 euros, he can resort to the landlord so that the amount is returned.
Unless the damage is caused by misuse.

If you have any questions you can contact our rental commercials and they will inform you of everything you need.

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