The use of parquet on the floors of the houses is something very common, since it brings a cozy feeling and well-being at home. You have to keep a good maintenance of the floor so the parquet lasts a long time, so, here we present some useful tips

Protecting the floor of furniture is important for varnish and wood to last longer and not wear out so quickly. Placing protectors like these (rubber or better cloth) on the legs of the furniture, will save you from scratching and wear away when moving chairs and tables.

Place carpets in the most used spaces. It also helps protect the soil and makes it last longer without being damaged.

When cleaning the parquet, and especially when scrubbing it, it is important that water or moisture does not accumulate, since that is not good for the wood and you will surely have to change it sooner than you expected. It is recommended that you use less water when cleaning and makes it dry quickly, manually or letting the room ventilate.

Use special and indicated products for parquet. They carry items that take care of it and keep it in good condition.

We hope these little tips are useful and you can keep your parquet in good condition for as long as you want.

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