One of the best decorations for the homes are the plants, as they bring an environment of nature to the house. Today, we leave some of the ideal plants for interior decoration.

  • Lucky bamboo. It gives luminosity to the space. Easy to care for and maintain, especially since natural light is not necessary for it to grow, it also feeds on artificial light, ideal for interiors. If you want more information about the care, here is a link.
  • Donkey Tail. Nice and curious. Give your house the touch you need, especially if it has little natural lighting. In spring you can grow small flowers.
  • Cactus are always a safe option to decorate corners and rooms of the home. There are many varieties and very different. I’m sure you’ll find one that fits you.
  • Succulent Plants. Similar to some varieties of cactus, they have a very pretty shape and quite geometric. Pretty put it where you put it, especially in its flowering season.
  • Moss jar: these are miniature gardens that give a feeling of naturalness to the environment. They can be decorated in many ways and created in different sizes. Not needing much light, it is ideal for decorating spaces without natural light.
  • And finally there was the famous Orchid, present in most homes, for its beautiful presence. Brighten up the space of the house where you put this floor. Without very complicated care is a very good choice to decorate.

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