The PEP, Passivhau Building Platform, describes the Passivhau buildings as a design designed to save and achieve a 75% reduction in heating and cooling costs. In addition, this tendency is committed to renewable energies to cover the remaining percentage of the energy needs.

It is based on the optimization of resources and the use of 5 basic principles:

  1. Thermal insulation. Both in summer and in winter, insulation surrounding wall and cover helps to lower the thermal transmission from the outside. Depending on the weather, insulation varies in thickness to provide the maximum benefits.
  2. High-performance windows. They can change from being from a weak point to being a strong home, since they are the focus of possible losses of heat and cold. So much so that the design has to foresee the placement and location to achieve an efficient housing.
  3. A free design of thermal bridges allows to reduce energy consumption and avoid, for example, fungi. However, it is not just about achieving an energy reduction. It also creates spaces of great comfort with great benefits for the welfare and health of its inhabitants.
  4. Hermeticity. It is common for a construction to generate different currents of air and cause discomfort. A high efficiency of the mechanical ventilation system and taking care of the boards during construction makes a traditional building to a passive.
  5. Mechanical ventilation. A home is constantly generating heat. A good ventilation system reuses the air before preheating it before expelling the vitiated air by preheating the incoming air before expelling the stale air. In addition, the energy needed to condition the rooms is very small.

Therefore, the benefits are clear: great energy and economic savings. If you are interested in sustainability in homes, we give you more information here.

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