Fa un temps que va sortir el concepte de Japandi. However, it is this one that is beginning to emerge. The Japandi concept is the fusion between the “Japanese and Scandinavian” parables. This interior design trend brings together the best of oriental style and the most representative of Scandinavian aesthetics.

The attributes that make up this style are simplicity, lightness and functionality. This hybrid decoration, which combines Nordic design and Zen decoration, is based on:

  • The color palette used by Japandi is a fusion between the freds, of the Nordic style, and the warm tons, of Japanese interior design. Notwithstanding the fusion, the neutral and natural tons are still in space.
  • The interiors are simple and functional. For example, unlike other trends, plants are not abundant in space. A Japandi house, however, has one or two collocations at strategic points because they are located in a special way.
  • The line of minimalism and furniture is also characterized by this trend. These are scarce but functional and comfortable. As in the Japanese style, the furniture is low in height because of its spiritual connotation and connection with its surroundings. Furthermore, it includes the balance between the dark tonalities and the clear shafts of the Scandinavian style.
  • The materials in any of these styles tend to represent nature, but they have to be respectful of it. Nature is fundamental in order to achieve a style that connects with the earth.

The Japandi style seeks to unite us from the stress and it approves us to the simplicity. However, if you want to follow the line proposed by Japandi, you can also bring a personal touch including objects with life and personality.

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