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The most unusual buildings in the world

All over the world there are buildings that stand out more than others. Each of the buildings below will have one characteristic in common: an object for reference. Neither the creativity nor the architectural capacity that has been developed during the history of humanity is questioned with the constructions that we can find. In this […]

Questions to ask before buying.

There are many questions when it comes to buying a property. There are so many factors to keep in mind that sometimes some can be overlooked. Before buying a house or apartment, we must ask ourselves a number of questions in order to find the best option. Location is one of the most relevant factors. […]

What is the price of keeping an empty house?

Maintaining an empty house involves a number of monthly expenses, which is a considerable amount by the end of the year. The mere fact that the home is empty does not free up the payment of taxes, mandatory payments and / or minimum consumption. Here are some of the expenses that can be incurred annually: […]

5 keys to good air conditioning

A good climate in our home helps to save on heating and reduce the dreaded gas and electricity bills. In this post we give you some keys to get a good air conditioning and maintain it: Heat loss occurs when the home is not well insulated. It is essential to have good insulation to keep […]

Tips for making a quick and easy move

It’s already part of life to move house. We’ve been through a move or when we lived with our parents or when we wanted our space. Moving is a process of change that can cause stress and nerves. For this not to happen, you need time and prior organization. Espígul would like to give you […]

Japandi begins the winter of 2020

Fa un temps que va sortir el concepte de Japandi. However, it is this one that is beginning to emerge. The Japandi concept is the fusion between the “Japanese and Scandinavian” parables. This interior design trend brings together the best of oriental style and the most representative of Scandinavian aesthetics. The attributes that make up […]

Is it profitable to buy a home to rent?

It is well known that real estate can also be invested in to make a profit. In this case, we are talking about the business of buying rented or rented homes. Investors are a favorite. Next we will see why. Renting is faster than selling. A rental involves a lower investment at once. Therefore, it […]