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How to do the appraisal of your home?

An appraisal is an assessment of a property with the objective of securing a mortgage loan or guaranteeing an operation. Currently, for the purchase or sale of a home, it is very common to request an appraisal. What is an appraiser setting? State: The first that an appraiser performs is the inspection of the property. […]

Decoration for your balcony

Do you have a small balcony and would you like to take advantage of it? The options are endless, it only takes a little imagination. Today we leave you 5 tips to get a balcony of scandal. Take advantage of the space: One of the keys to take advantage of the space are the folding […]

Tips to save energy

Do you put your hands on your head every time an invoice arrives? Do you need some tips to minimize energy consumption? In this post we give you 5 key tips to save energy: 1. Maintain the right temperature in your home: The comfort temperatures are in winter between 20 and 23 degrees and in […]

sensory marketing arrive at the real estate sector

The use of sensory marketing is a technique that many companies use to acquire an emotional bond between the company and the consumer. In this post of Espígul we talk about the importance of the power of sensory marketing. The view is one of the most important senses, since it is the first with which […]

Decoration never goes out of style

We all like to have our home determined to the new decorative tendencies. But, the fact that these are changing every season, sometimes it makes it difficult for us. In the art of interior design there are indispensable rules to never fail. From Espígul we left you a few tips: Be faithful to your style: […]

Where do foreign tourists buy more homes in Spain?

During 2018 the sale of real estate has increased thanks to tourists. According to the figures of the College of Registrars, the sale of housing by foreigners has been 13.11%, but … Where do you buy these homes? Which country do they come from? The report’s data show that the autonomous communities where foreigners are […]

Rent with option to buy

Rent with option to buy is a model that allows at tenant to be for rented and then have the right to purchase the property. In this post we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of renting with option to buy from the pint of view of the two parties involved, the tenant and […]

Rental: Do you accept pets?

Pets are another member of our families and more and more people live in a rental property and have pets. We give you a few tips related to rent for pets: Mainly, there are ads where search engines give the possibility of looking for houses that do accept pets. In the case of not putting […]


Advantages to buy over flat

The purchase on layout contributes big advantages, therefore that has returned like a possibility for the investors or for persons that wants to buy a house. If you are thinking at acquiring a dwelling this dream some of the reasons for which recommend you value the new work: Lower costs: acquire a real estate at […]