What is the minimum value to deed a property?

The last step in buying a habitat is to encrypt the property. This is done after the writing and signing of the pre-contract of purchase and the payment of the rent. This is a procedure in which the notary must be notified in order to manage…

What do you need to know about the energy certificate?

The energy certificate is a scheme of qualification of a property that provides useful information to all citizens regarding energy consumption and its characteristics. It is accompanied by a document of recommendations to improve housing and…

What do you need to apply for a mortgage?

At the time of buying a property doubts arise. Among these are the requirements they ask, especially the banks, to be able to apply for the corresponding mortgage loan. These are the main conditions to take into account: Net monthly income…

Guide to find out who has to pay rent repairs

Are you in a rental apartment and have doubts about whether the owner or you are responsible for paying for repairs? We give you a guide to know the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. Lessor The obligations of the landlord are…